Good. We’ve grabbed your attention. Business time. There are some things you should know about our policies and our plants before you go picking out the sweetest cherry tomato or the scorchingest pepper.

We are a family (and friend) run operation, and our farm is a wonderful working example of small scale agriculture. As such we do not sell wholesale. Wishing Star Farm sells for the personal garden, and all our plants are grown naturally on site without pesticides. No machines. No automation. Mostly because we can’t afford them, but the result is greater individual care for each plant and attention to detail in providing a quality seedling. This does mean that quantities are limited however, so the earlier you visit the more we have in stock. If you order in advance, we will reserve your plants until pick up.

Which brings us to timing. We begin selling the first weekend of May, which is just prior to the final frost date for our area. We are open Friday through Sunday, however we can arrange for order pickups on other days if given two days notice by email. We'll send a confirmation to you as soon as the order is ready, so we ask that you please wait for a message from us before stopping by. May is the ideal time to get your gardens started, but we stay open through the second weekend of June in case you need replacements or find a little extra room for one more tomato plant. Since your gardens should already be well on their way, and since our own inventory quickly outgrows their starter pots, we close down for the year early in June.

The list of varieties we offer has been carefully honed by years of experience and feedback from repeat customers, not to mention our own personal tastes. We do add a few new varieties each year to keep things interesting for the adventurous gardener.

Now get to that list and start shopping!