Now for the good stuff. You can download a PDF version of the variety list at the link below, or to place an order online fill out the Microsoft Word form and attach it to an email addressed to Whether you fill out a hard copy or send your order by email, you will have to get away from the computer and come to our location to pick up your order, as we do not deliver. A little sunshine and social interaction never hurt anyone.

Please note that we will be away from May 10-12 this year, and that plant orders placed during those dates will not be processed in time for pickup the following weekend.

Most seedlings are grown in single pots or six packs of a given variety. Certain varieties are only packaged one way or the other, but these are clearly marked as such on the list. Please note that these pots are only intended for growing seedlings. Once you have purchased your plants you will need to transplant them to a full sized planter, pot, or garden bed.

Here at Wishing Star Farm, our seedlings are grown without use of pesticides or herbicides.

Plant List
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